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i put this up on the twitter feed a week ago when i first saw it, but i feel like it’s worthy of a repost, especially after reading comments from some more surly members of the cycling community that the behavior of the crowd in Little Cottonwood on the final day of the Tour of Utah was “disrespectful” to the sport.

really guys? nothing gets me more excited than rowdy spectators at a race - ESPECIALLY at a relatively minor North American Continental race. one of my most visceral and adrenaline-pumping moments in a race this year was descending into the finish in tiny Silverton, CO (tailing Ned Overend by a couple minutes) during the Iron Horse Classic. there were probably around a thousand spectators lining the only paved street in town, screaming their guts out, spraying beer, and generally having a damn good time. i’ve never had that many people cheering me on with that much enthusiasm, especially tailgunning in fifth place. needless to say, i finished the race with one of the biggest shit-eating grins on my face, engulfed in what can only be described as tidal waves of positive stoke. 

with that said, keep the beer, steak, pickle, pizza, and milkshake handups coming. i’ll be happy to snag one someday.

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