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The heat in my car stopped working (intermittently) a couple weeks back. In a not-so-serendipitous turn of events, this was also the point in time where it became necessary to restock my shelf of on-bike “energy” food. With visions of $500 car repair bills dancing in my head, I peered a shelf lower only to find vast quantities of oatmeal, honey, and peanut butter. You know, all that stuff I never eat during aerobic base because I’m neurotic about food. Ish. In any case, I came to the conclusion that making my own bars could be a (potentially) money-saving venture with (potentially) disastrous consequences, mostly for my kitchen and cookware. 

Correct on all points! After three tries, I think I may have it dialed. Not only are most of the offspring of the Powerbar on the market expensive and not terribly appetizing, but their ingredient list is often peppered with additives ending in food engineering suffixes like “ol”, “gum”, and “ium” in the name of consistency and shelf-life. Bars I make in a giant shiny bowl with raw ingredients I snag from the bulk food section of my local Sunflower Market (take note - this spot rocks for those of us without the resources for Whole Paycheck but the desire to eat well) lack most anything you wouldn’t be able to name on first glance, and they’re quite pleasing on the palate as well. Check after the break for the dead-simple ingredients and recipe.

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