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fuel for 7-hour drives:

Okay, so I failed miserably at Gila-ing the shit out of the blog stuff. Whatever. Long story short: Second in the GC. Jockeyesque guy who slayed my ass by a minute was pretty untouchable on climbs. Took two minutes out of him in the TT (and won it by a hefty margin), but it wasn’t enough, and I was spent by the last day. Live. Learn. Crush. Repeat.


Post-Gila revelry resulted in a near-immediate Cat 2 upgrade (three weeks as a 3? yes please). Post-post-Gila revelry also resulted in joining a local elite team, Canyon Bicycles. Post-post-post-Gila revelry also saw me aboard a new Specialized Tarmac S-Works SL3 with SRAM Red. More on this later.

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that doing the Iron Horse Classic (henceforth known as “Monster Steel Pony”) down in Durango, CO over Memorial Day Weekend was a wise idea. Converse to most of my life decisions, this was actually a pretty solid one. Shortish RR (47 miles), but a bitchton of climbering to make fat guys cry. Three ascents (two of which went over almost-11,000 foot passes), somewhere between 6-7000 total feet of climbing, and an amazing finish in the throwback burg of Silverton, CO. My cat was full, so I registered for the Pro/1 field. 

when your volvo lacks a functioning stereo

So yeah. Ended up 5th in the pro field, dropping a couple minutes to the riggodamndiculous Dude’s 55 years old and still shearing the legs off of guys less than half his age. Impressive much? Not to mention, from a strictly spandex-clad perspective, his form on a road bike is MTB to the nth. So. Rad. 

Needless to say, riding in the peloton with my earliest memory of mountain biking (remember the Mountain Dew machines with his likeness plastered on the front?) was awesome. Even more awesome was watching him blow apart the break I was in half a mile below Coalbank.

sunday morning three-hour post-race cruise of the haggard, courtesy of downtown Durango:

The day after (Sunday) was the crit and MTB race, run concurrently out of downtown Durango. Myself and accompanying teamie opted out, given our obligation to the Mt. Hood stage race later on in the week. Later regretted my decision on seeing both courses…MTB race running on a bridge OVER the criterium, and THROUGH a brewery. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.


why this durango gas station will be elevating their fuel price sign next remodel, courtesy of me+fireball whiskey:

Durango has made the shortlist of places I would move to in a heartbeat. Spectacular riding, great people (the community support at this race is half the reason it’s so much fun), great vibe, beautiful terrain, and supposedly more moderate weather than SLC. Dig it.

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